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ALPS Environmental are UK distribut0rs of Bio-Organic Catalyst products. BOC’s bio-catalysts optimize all aspects of solid waste management and waste-to-energy systems.

Eliminate Noxious Odours – Accelerate Aerobic Biological Activity – Ecological Animal Care Creates Higher Profits
Greater Higher Quality Composts and Bio-Solids – Optimize the Production of Methane Yields

Welcome to Alps Ecoscience

Distributors of  the Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC) a line of proprietary product compositions, based upon its unique patented broad spectrum catalytic biochemistry, that establishes an entirely new platform technology for organic chemistry.

All BOC’s products are produced in the United State  and must meet the highest standards of quality.

The BOC Seal of Safety represents our commitment to meeting the highest standards of safety and bio-aquatic non-toxicity to all living organisms. BOC product formulations have undergone rigorous independent testing, including leading recognized EPA certified laboratories. BOC product compositions have shown non-toxicity ratings far exceeding generally available green cleaners and traditional chemical based products.



Anaerobic Digestion


Bio-Catalytic Cleaning

Hydrocarbon Cleaning/Remediation

Wastewater Treatment

Composting & Animal Care

Facilities Management

Paper and Pulp

Odour Control

Water Clarification