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BOC’s technical breakthrough lies in the ability of Phyto-Catalyst® to facilitate a more aerobic, and therefore healthy ecological environment in soils and plants, through the reactions of our specially prepared bio-catalytic formulation. Phyto-Catalyst® is able to optimize the solubility of nutrients within the soil so that they are released and absorbed by the roots in a more efficient manner. This ability produces greater root growth, and an ability to reduce fertilizer requirements, as nutrients are more efficiently transported by the plants.

Phyto-Catalyst® has shown an ability to substantially reduce the use of toxic chemical agents in controlling insect infestations, and plant diseases, contributing to the better overall health of the soils and plants. Phyto-Catalyst® offers a new ecological model that improves plant growth and productivity, reduces chemical and fertilizer costs, and protects the health of both plants and people.

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